What is Meet Market? What should I expect?

The experience takes the form of speed dating, however it is not dating. You do not have to be single to attend.

We break down all facets of human interaction, attraction and body chemistry to find out exactly what makes a great interpersonal connection. Each participant will undertake several quickfire activities, each a non-verbal exercise.

The aim is to see the essence of people, when all day to day details are stripped away- no “what do you do?”, “what is your name?”, or “what are you looking for?”, instead getting to know each other in a more intimate way.

You get out just as much as you put in. This is an audience led immersive experience so your full attention and participation will make or break the show. 

Meet Market is designed to bring you into a new state of mind in order to help you connect with those around you in new ways.

All ticket holders must read this information before attending:

• This is an 18+ event

• Participants do not have to be (romantically) single to attend.

• The experience will last up to 70 minutes. You must be comfortable moving around on your feet.

• Participation is required.

• Bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

• Consent forms must be signed to participate in the experience.

• Please present yourselves hygienically as you may be paired closely with other individuals.

• No bags can be carried during the show. There will be an area to leave belongings at your own risk.

• No intoxicated people. Intoxicated people cannot consent.

• No drinks can be carried with you during the show.

• Latecomers will be admitted during the first 10 minutes only.

This production may be unsuitable for some. If you have any questions relating to the show, access needs or special requirements, please email us BEFORE purchasing your tickets hello@runhoratio.com

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