Frequently Asked Questions

The Vaults
Leake Street
Waterloo SE1 7AD

Before You Arrive

Should I even come? Is it going to be weird?

Most certainly. It will be weird, in the best possible way. At very least you'll have an interesting night and end up at The Vaults for the festival which is full of amazing people and hundreds of shows. If this can be your gateway to Vault Festival, absolutely take it. You can buy your tickets by clicking here.

I can’t make it. Can I get a refund?

Contact Vault for any ticketing information. 

Do I have to be single to speed date?

You do not have to be single. Bring your partner, bring your single friends, bring your tinder date. The event takes the format of speed dating but it is not aimed at romantically partnering up anyone.

When you say “drunk people can’t consent”, does that mean I can’t drink before the event?

By all means drink. But please do not get drunk. Consent is very important to us. Those believed to be distruptively intoxicated may not be permitted entry. This is for your safety and the safety of those around you. Although we are not talking about sex here, we feel consent applies the same to the vulnerability presented in this intimate situation. Here’s a refresher.

Is there an age limit?

18+ only!

Is the performance accessible?

Yes! We welcome everyone. Please let us know if you have any specific access requirements as we may need to adjust the event to give you the best experience. The space is wheelchair accessible.

I've got baggage. 

Emotional baggage? Physical baggage? That’s alright, both are fine. We will have a space for people to leave their bags and coats. But please be aware, we do not take responsibility for your property.

I’m late! Help!

Not too late I hope. We only admit latecomers for the first 10 minutes. After that, sorry.  

What should I wear?

Wear what you want. Glasses are fine. Sensible footwear advised.

I am pregnant! Can I participate?

Sure. It’s all at your own risk, but do be aware the room will be dark and you’ll be on your feet for 70 minutes with no toilet break.

What's going to happen to me?!

The event consists of a warm up followed by several quick non-verbal activities all aimed towards getting to know people in different ways. The room will be divided in to two groups who will then snake in opposite directions to each other, changing every few seconds 

Will it be safe?

Absolutely. We will have several care takers ensuring everyone is happy. They will also remove any one causing problems. 

Can I bring food or drink in?

We only have a small area of storage space for coats and bags. Drinks often spill. We advise against bringing in food or drink as the room is damp and things tend to drip off the ceiling.

I think I smell bad.

You will be put into close quarters with people. Although we would love you all to be clean, we understand sometimes life gets in the way. There is a Boots at Waterloo station if you need to buy some spray for your body, mouth, or otherwise.

The Experience

Where is it?

Vault Festival, The Vaults, Leake Street SE1 7AD

When should I arrive?

The event begins at 21:00, we advise arriving at the Vaults by 20:30 to ensure you have enough time to pick up your tickets and use the facilities. Due to the nature of the event, there is no loo break!

I get nervous around strangers, will it be scary?

This event is designed to take people out of their comfort zones in a safe space. There are no moments of claustrophobia. It will be exhilarating. Fear is just excitement interpreted in a different way. Ride the thrill, discover new things.

Can I stay with the group I came with?

Yes, but it’s not really a group event. You will be expected to stay silent. We find people get more self conscious when they know their peers are able to see them. Let go! Be free!

Can we choose which group we want to be in?

We will divide the group into two halves, opposites will be paired up. 

I’m not feeling this, can I leave?

If you feel uncomfortable at any point, please make yourselves known to the caretakers. Ideally, we would like for you all to complete as withdrawal from the event makes timings a little tricky. We implore you to carry on.


What happens next?

You have your yes list. Now we need you to go to our website (to be added later) and input your information. From there, we will then collect all data and you will be emailed with your results.

What if I don’t want to give out my contact details?

If you are not comfortable sharing your actual email with the other participants. You’re welcome to create a new email address for the purpose of this performance. Please be aware of the 48 hour time limit to submitting your results.

Can we do anything to help in the future?

Yes! We would love your feedback. You can fill in We would also love to hear from you in you're interested in hosting Meet Market at your venue/festival/party/office team building afternoon. Email us

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