TICKETS for The Caravan Theatre 3rd March

18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30

“It [The Forest] drives home themes of subservience and cultish devotion with just enough humour to keep it from being overwhelmingly oppressive.”

— Matthew Reynolds, WIRED Magazine 


About X-NN Systems

Big data and data processing company who work with human neurology to enhance the capabilities of silicone based computing. 

Established 2005 in London, UK with the support of runhoratio.

No job to small, and with an ever expanding network of live processing human minds, there's no job too large. 


We work to connect people to each other and create new ways to develop human to computer interfaces. 

We specialise in creating and maintaining simulated realities for direct engagement with live human brains. 

We bypass the daily functions of the brain to utilise its full processing power. 

New Ventures

Coming soon to Vault Festival 2018: Meet Market. A non-sexual intimacy generator, created in collaboration with psychologists.  21-25 Feb 21:00 / 16:20 matinee. 

It aims to connect people on a deeper level than is consider socially acceptable 

Tickets will go on sale from 5th December, in the mean time, do not hesitate to get in touch through out contact form.

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